This is exactly what you think it is: a Tumblr dedicated to the urbane British actor seen in the likes of Cold Feet, Downton Abbey, Joking Apart, My Dad's the Prime Minister, Wind in the Willows, Red Dwarf and Hornblower.

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In the meantime, enjoy the show. Requests and questions VERY welcome! Also, Joking Apart is very available on DVD - try Replay DVD or Amazon UK.

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DISCLAIMER: All gifs (apart from reblogs) made by me. All rare magazine scans are tagged - PLEASE CREDIT if you post elsewhere! Other than that I don't own anything, and this is very much an unofficial fansite. But I have chilled out with Robert a few times and can vouch that he's AWESOME. My personal tumblr is here: kolaqube.tumblr.com

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Classic shoot from 2002 - something for everyone!

Classic shoot from 2002 - something for everyone!

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